Finding Family

One woman's obsession with family history.


Detailed research into one’s family tree is not always just about locating names and dates and adding them to a database, it’s also about finding records and gathering stories. Such research can be time consuming and with time being a precious commodity nowadays, you may want to utilise the services of a genealogist.

How can I help?

Throughout the last ten years I have regularly worked on researching genealogy and have gained vast amounts of knowledge and experience in both tracing and confirming ancestors as well as locating records within various repositories.

My genealogy research is mostly specialised towards Western Australia (where I live) but I can also provide assistance with researching ancestors from other states or countries.

Are you after a certain record? Are you trying to find an elusive ancestor? Need help transcribing documents or journals? Do you have photos you’d like digitised?

Would you like me to research and plot your family tree? Would you like a specific story written about your ancestors (in the style of my blog posts)? Perhaps you’d like some one-on-one lessons on how to use and access the online repositories.

Whatever your query, please make contact below and I’ll do what I can to help you.

What about cost?

The cost for research undertaken depends upon the information you’re seeking. I charge $25 per hour (with a minimum of one hour) for research undertaken. This hourly rate may also be capped upon request (i.e. you only wish to pay $50 for two hours research). If your request is a simple one, your costs may be minimal. If however you’re after detailed, involved research, your costs will be much higher depending on the time taken.

To discuss your research request (or just say hi!) please contact me directly on or, if you prefer, fill out and submit the form below.

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