Finding Family

One woman's obsession with family history.


We are so grateful to Jessica @ Finding Family for finding our long lost (for nearly 70 years) grandmother. 

I never knew my grandmother and my mother and aunties never saw her again after she left them to go off with another man.  Many had tried over the years to find her.  News from an unknown source indicated that she had passed away around 1968.

Jessica was able to creatively use the information (not much) we provided and managed to find her and her partner in Queensland.  We now have her death certificate and place of burial, which although sad and very tragic the way she died, can provide some closure to our family.  We will go and provide a headstone for her grave and honour her final resting place. 

Many thanks for your hard work and amazing skills in being able to use the simple threads of the past to tie together.
Susan, Western Australia

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