Finding Family

One woman's obsession with family history.

Some of you may have noticed on the website as well as on Facebook that I have taken a few baby steps into turning Finding Family into a small business. Contact details on the website can be found under the new page ‘Can I Help?’ Please feel free to share this page with your friends and family.

While many of you are aware of my research through my blog posts, I also thought I’d share an example of a Finding Family report which further highlights my skills. As background, Mathew Fogelstrom and Mary Bartlett are a couple that I’ve chosen and researched at random (details on how I picked them can be read in the report). They are in no way related to me. They do however have a very interesting story and I hope you all enjoy reading about it.

Mathew and Mary Fogelstrom

Thank you all for the continuing support of Finding Family.



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