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Enoch & Mary Ann

Today I met with a wonderful group of people who were largely involved with organising the three Barratt reunions. They began in the 90s when I was about six years old and the last one held was in 2002 at the Fremantle Prison. One reunion in particular took place at the East Perth Cemetery where Enoch Pearson Barratt and Mary Ann Fleming’s restored headstone was unveiled (it was previously in two pieces on the ground).

The headstone was repaired according to the standards of the time but, times have changed and its repair is no longer considered correct for headstones. It is however still standing and looks to be quite strong. At the moment no actual decision has been made with regards to further repair work so the request is not monetary. This post and my “call out” is simply to collect names and contact details and to establish whether there is any interest amongst descendants of Enoch and Mary Ann Barratt.

If you’re proud of your ancestors and wish to reach out and acknowledge your interest please do so in either of the following ways:

Please also feel free to send the word around and share this post with other members of your family who may not come across it.

Thanks in advance, Jess

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