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When I first started researching my Mum’s side of the family tree, I literally had nothing. While my Dad’s side was well-known and readily available to me, my Mum’s side was constantly veiled in mystery. Breathing some life into those branches took a lot of time, patience, persistence and, as usual, money.

The Nicholson side was no exception. My journey into the story of Edward’s life began with absolutely nothing; not even a name. Despite everyone knowing the name of my Pop’s parents, no one seemed to know who his grandparents were. I got on with my research and ordered a certificate. I obtained his name (Edward Nicholson) and I subsequently ordered a few more certificates. From these, a few scanty birth details came to light.

According to the certificates, Edward was born around the year 1859 in Auckland, New Zealand. His father’s occupation was listed as a sailor but in one certificate the name given was stated as John while in the other he was named William. His mother on the other hand was unknown in one certificate and Alice McCarthy in the other. Despite having these tiny clues I have so far been unable to find a birth record match in New Zealand’s historical Births, Deaths and Marriages (BDM) register (

His marriage certificate provides some more clues. Edward married my Great Great Grandmother, Agnes Elizabeth McCarthy on 31 May 1897 in Denmark, Western Australia. Both were listed as being widowed and though I’ve easily discovered Agnes’s first husband, I have yet to discover Edward’s first wife. Given his age at the time of his second marriage (38) it’s likely that his first marriage took place in New Zealand.

I’ve searched high and low through the NZ register and there’s only one possibility that comes to light. An Edward Nicholson married Catherine Flood in 1875. This however would mean he was only 16 years old when he married her. Further adding to the mystery, the very kind people at Rootschat searched for the ‘Intention to Marry’ record where it was found that the Edward in this instance listed his age as 23. Is this my Edward? Did he simply lie about his age?

Catherine Flood it seems was a very interesting character all on her own. Not only was she Catherine Nicholson (after 1875) she was also Catherine Griffin at one point and at times was even referred to as being Catherine Fitzgerald (Fitzgerald being the surname of her employer). Of course the latter may simply be a mistake in the newspapers but the snippet below (from when she was Catherine Griffin) is making me wonder just what was going on. 1


Catherine Nicholson (nee Flood) died in 1897 – the same year that Edward married Agnes. It was reported in the inquest into her death that her husband Edward was “not in Auckland at the present time” and much to my surprise, she was buried in Waikumete Cemetery in a plot that later, would also become the burial plot of her employer. 2 Perhaps he was simply saving money with having one plot but to me it seems a little odd.

Questions, endless questions. Is this my Edward? Did he marry Catherine Flood/Griffin? Was she having an affair with her employer which Edward eventually discovered? Did he leave her because of the said affair and then travelled to Western Australia? Was it in fact Edward who abandoned Catherine for an entirely different reason?

So what about Edward’s parents? Knowing that the names on the death certificate would’ve been provided by whoever was informing the registrar of Edward’s death I decided to discount this evidence. Going off the marriage certificate however I’m left with the names William Nicholson and Alice McCarthy.

Once again New Zealand’s Historic BDM website (no matter how many different spellings I used) yielded no results. I began to question the fact that his mother’s maiden name just happened to be the same as Agnes’s maiden name.

I left the mystery of his parents alone and tried a different angle. Back in Western Australia, Edward and Agnes had four children: John Edward Nicholson in 1898, William Nicholson (my Great Grandfather) on 13 May 1902, Patrick Rees in 1904 and Thomas Edward in 1906. It was the name Rees that stood out the most.

Having never seen this spelling before, on a whim, I entered it into Ancestry’s family tree database with the birth place being New Zealand. I got one hit. Someone had a Rees Nicholson on their family tree but even more interesting, they also had an Edward Nicholson. The birth listed was 1859 in Auckland – the same year and place my Edward was born.

I turned my attention to the parents listed. Their names were William Thomas Nicholson (which matched my marriage certificate) and, much to my surprise, Ellen Te Hemopo Deacon; a Maori lady.

This, I admit, threw me. At no time have I ever heard of the Nicholsons being of Maori descent. I suppose it could’ve been something that at the time would’ve been kept hidden but still, I wondered if perhaps I was barking up the wrong tree. That was until I was contacted by a direct descendant of William and Ellen.

After many emails back and forth and reading of the posts on Rootschat she provided several bits of information that ignited my curiosity.

  1. William Thomas Nicholson was a sailor when he arrived in New Zealand and later established a ferry business. This matches the occupation of sailor listed on my marriage certificate.
  2. William Thomas Nicholson originally came from Wales where he worked as a sawyer. His New Zealand descendants worked in sawmills as did my Edward Nicholson and Great Grandfather, William.
  3. A lady named Mrs Latch who was doing research into the families of Auckland (including the Nicholson family) stated amongst her research papers that Edward Nicholson, the son of William and Ellen was no longer in New Zealand. This also somewhat matches Catherine Nicholson (nee Flood’s) inquest records which stated he was not in Auckland at the time.
  4. My contact’s Edward Nicholson was known to everyone as Ned. My Edward Nicholson’s son John Edward Nicholson was also known to everyone as Ned.
  5. Thomas Edward Fitzgerald (the employer of Catherine Flood/Griffin/Nicholson) at one point helped out Edward Nicholson’s father, William. I further found that Thomas employed Rees (Reece) Nicholson, another one of William’s children. 3


Everything appears to match up to my Edward. It’s also reasonable to assume that if Edward had married Catherine Flood (who worked for Thomas Fitzgerald) that the families would’ve come into contact with each other and further explains why Thomas would’ve helped William and also employed Rees.

The similarity of the names and the similarity of the occupations is uncanny. The fact that the Edward who married Catherine and my contact’s Edward were both known to no longer be in Auckland/New Zealand also fits in with the fact that my Edward eventually left New Zealand. There is no hard evidence as yet but it’s incredibly hard to discount the mounting coincidences. I find myself left with one question; the one I most want the answer to:

Is my contact’s Edward Nicholson, the Edward Nicholson that married Catherine Flood and my Edward Nicholson all one and the same person?

If anyone searching for information on William Thomas Nicholson or Ellen Te Hemopo Deacon happens to come across this blog, please leave a comment. Whatever the outcome, one day, I would love this mystery to be solved.


18 thoughts on “Who was Edward Nicholson?

  1. Ian A says:

    You’ve probably looked here but if not:,+Ellen,+(nee+Deacon),+d.1870%22&XC=/dbtw-wpd/exec/dbtwpub.dll&BU=&TN=LocHAM&SN=AUTO12664&SE=72&RN=3&MR=0&TR=0&TX=1000&ES=0&CS=1&XP=&RF=Displayweb&EF=&DF=&RL=0&EL=0&DL=0&NP=2&ID=&MF=WPEngMsg.ini&MQ=&TI=0&DT=&ST=0&IR=68004&NR=0&NB=0&SV=0&SS=0&BG=&FG=&QS=&OEX=ISO-8859-1&OEH=ISO-8859-1


    Ian A

  2. Ian A says:

    shd say “Ngati-Kahu”

    1. Jess says:

      Thank you very much Ian! I’ve come across the first two links before but I haven’t seen the last two. The Brief of Evidence is interesting – here’s hoping it leads to some more clues! Thanks again for searching for info, it’s greatly appreciated. 🙂

      1. Hi Jess
        I don’t know if you are still researching Nicholson family history but I but Grandmother was Maisie McFetridge (her parents were Evelyn Lizzie Walters and Thomas Edward McFetridge). Thomas Edward McFetridge was a son of Ellen Nicholson and William McFetridge.
        My details are below if you would like to get in touch.
        I have also researched the Nicholson family history mainly trying to get the maori connection via Te Hemopo.
        Mary Jane

      2. Jess says:

        Hi Mary Jane,

        As you know I’ve already responded via email but I wanted to thank you for stopping by and leaving a comment. The Nicholson line on my tree is a frustrating one but I hope you have some better luck with your research. 🙂

  3. Alan Chester says:

    Hi, we are descendents of Thomas Deacon Nicholson, who from your posting sounds like he may have been the sound of William Thomas & Ellen Te Hemopo Deacon. My Mum says that she has been told that her great great grandfather was welsh and married a Maori lady called Te Hemopo who drowned in Devonport, Auckland. Would love to hear from you.

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Alan,

      Yes, Thomas Deacon Nicholson was the eldest child of William and Ellen and your Mum is spot on with the details. William was indeed Welsh and Ellen was a Maori lady (named Te Hemopo) and she did drown when she tried to save her Grandson who’d fallen into the river. With your permission, may I send you an email to the address you used to register your comment? It’ll be easier to correspond with email.

      Thanks for reading and a big thank you for leaving a comment. The Nicholsons are a riddle on my family tree and any new bit of info may help solve it. 🙂

  4. Ann says:

    Hi. I am a descendant of William and Ellen Nicholson. My mothers Grandfather was Rees Nicholson son of William and Ellen. I believe they spent some time in Kaeo northland.
    HRees married Annie Carroll and eventually made their home in Mercury Bay. They had 6 children. Rees, Annie, William, James Alexander, Albert Edward and Alfred Deakin.
    The Nicholson’s are a riddle as you say and any info is always helpful.

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Ann!

      It’s wonderful to hear from another descendant of William and Ellen. I’ve gathered bits and pieces about their lives but I haven’t completely committed to the task because I’m still not sure my Edward was their son. There are stories within my family of “someone marrying a Maori princess” but without more factual info I can’t bring myself to enter it on the tree in case it’s wrong. Have you ever heard details of William and Ellen’s son, Edward?

      1. Richard Price says:

        I believe she was Te Hemopo Ngaropo from Hokianga. There are posts on google search linking her to The famous northland Chief Tamati Waka Nene. I cannot confirm if this is correct at this stage however but I have seen that William Nicholson (or Nicholas) and his mate he arrived in NZ with both married local Maori girls in Hokianga and I have also read a story about William Nicholson (or Nicholas) traveling around the north island with Tamati Waka Nene on a ship. I will get the stuff from my mother and post…keep in touch 🙂

      2. Jess says:

        Hi Richard! Thanks for leaving a comment on this post. I still haven’t been able to solve the mystery of Edward Nicholson but I haven’t given up yet. If it’s okay with you, I’ll send you an email directly. I’d love to hear the details that you and your mother have relating to the Nicholsons and the McFetridges. 🙂

  5. Theresa Hutchison ( nicholson) says:

    I am a nicholson. this may not help your case but i figured others hunting the name nicholson may read this… father john james nicholson. grandfather hector nicholson. his brothers name was george nicholson. birth certificate shows they were 2 of about 7 children from gippsland victoria.. their mother emily wilkinson from victoria australia and husband george nicholson from auckland nz. .. i have some army numbers from some of the family, and an enginnering certificate from auckland nz. .. to present. my grand father remarried twice. once to a marie teresa and then to a ester may cartasso. the first marriage resulted in 2 boys and a girl.. the second my father john nicholson. .. and of course i have worked my way backwards and found alot of george nicholsons born in auckalnd nz.. that match the army numbers i have. so far i have a birth certificate of my grandfather showing his parents name… with all the children born to george and emily.. and ive tried at great lengths to narrow down the correct george born in auckland… i would love to know more. especially why it was kept a secret why my great grand father was born in nz? if you need help accessing australian items let me know, i could be of some assistance.
    and have a laugh at this.. i married a nzlder. and his ancestry started in australia.

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Theresa. Thank you for your comment. I’m not sure whether our families are related but I guess you never know! I hope your comment is found by others and that you have more success finding your Nicholsons than what I’ve had so far. Good luck with your family history research. 🙂

  6. Richard Price says:

    I am also a descendant of as you have quoted above “William Thomas & Ellen Te Hemopo Deacon”. I go down the Mcfetridge line. I have not been on the search case for long, just getting started. But my mother recently meet up with some Mcfetridge relatives after a long absence and they shared a fair bit of info. First William Nicholson was also known as William Nicholas I believe. He had his reasons back then to change from Nicholas to Nicholson which my mother has details. I also believe Te Hemopo Ngaropo was from Hokianga up north. She may even be the daughter of High Chief Tamati Waka Nene which fits with earlier comments about a Maori princess I saw on your thread. I did see on a google search the connection of Tamati Waka Nene being her father. But I cannot say how authentic it is. I’d love to share info with anybody and I will be getting a heap more soon as my mother receives from the elderly Mcfetridges remaining in Auckland. My mother stayed with the Mcfetridge relatives in Takapuna as a child. Her Grandmothers mother was a McFetridge. her Grandmother was a Mathie.

    1. Kelsey Adams says:


      My grandmother is a daughter of Masie Ellen McFetridge (daughter of Tom McFetridge). She is interested in looking into the Nicholson links to the family, specifically the links to Te Hemopo. If anyone can shed some light, or share any information I would be glad to hear it! I can be reached at

      1. Jess says:

        Hi Kelsey,

        If you’re interested, you may wish to join the Facebook group for descendants:

  7. Richard says:

    Email me on.

    I have a fair bit of info on the Nicholson family. My great great grandmother was one of William & Ellen/Te Hemopo’s child (Alice). Happy to give you the tree I have been given

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