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Similar to a previous post (Unknown Soldiers – No. 1) I have since come across a few other photos of soldiers amongst my collection which I thought I’d share. The following two photos were both taken in Bunbury (both are stamped with the name ‘Bunbury’) and are probably relatives of mine. Unfortunately the photos are nameless and I am unable to recognise the faces.

The photo below has now been identified as Cyril Thomas Payne. Cyril was born in 1893 and was the son of George Robert Payne and Lucy Hurst. He enrolled in the AIF in February 1916 and was sadly killed in action in November that year. He was my Great Grandmother’s (Matilda Maria Crampton) first cousin.



The next two photographic postcards (to my great happiness) had writing (and names!) on the back of them.



Frederick Chapman Brown (above) enlisted into the Australian Military Forces on 8 February 1916 at age 19. He returned to Australia on 17 March 1917. He’s not related to me but may have been a mate of my Great Grandfather’s, Charles Victor Barratt.



Frederick Cartright Gaines (signing his name as Basil) wrote the above postcard to my Great Grandmother, Matilda Maria Crampton. Frederick married Matilda’s cousin, Muriel Clare Ecclestone in 1915. He enlisted into the Australian Military Forces on 24 July 1915 at age 25 and returned to Australia on 18 August 1918. He’s pictured in the photo with his mate, Percy Charles Cousins. Unfortunately I am unable to tell who is who.

If you happen to recognise any of the faces in the above photos (especially the first two) please leave a comment. I would love to know some more information or stories about these brave soldiers.

The military facts were obtained courtesy of the AIF Project website (

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    thanks for linking to my blog and the item about mapping our Anzacs – love the photos

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      You’re welcome! Thanks for reading. 🙂

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