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When I first started officially researching my family tree (which, consequently was two years ago this August) I set myself the task of trying to find as many photos of my ancestors as possible. My Grandpa kindly gave me his permission to rummage through his photo cupboard and it wasn’t long before I struck photographic gold.

The photos were of my Great Great Grandfather, Edward James Barratt’s family; his siblings, in-laws and nieces and nephews. The main group photo is a copy of an original and instead of putting the pieces together I chose to scan them and simply crop separate photos of each individual. I now do not agree with my original decision and after all this time, have finally put the photo back together.

Barratt Family Photo

Back (left to right): Edward James Barratt, Charles Victor Barratt, Arthur Hanesworth Walton, Frank Arthur Barratt, Alfred Ernest Brittain, George Herbert Barratt, Frederick Walter Bailey Barratt, Albert William Barratt and George Percival Schoolar.

Middle (left to right): Reginald Edward Barratt, Priscilla Barratt (nee Masters) holding Frances Maria Barratt, Edith Rose Walton (nee Barratt) holding Alan Hanesworth Walton, Annie Barratt (nee Flint), Florence Mary Brittain (nee Barratt), Arthur Walter Barratt, Mary Barratt (nee Anderson), Raymond Digby Barratt, Norah Agnes Maud Barratt (nee Prosser) holding Olive Edith Barratt, George Douglas Schoolar, Harriet May Schoolar (nee Barratt) holding Gwendoline Margaret Schoolar and Jean Margery Schoolar.

Front (left to right): Lionel James Barratt, Alfred Dudley Barratt, Alan Keith Barratt, Irene Phyllis Barratt, unknown girl, Ethel Brittain, Violet Constance Barratt, Mary Priscilla Barratt, unknown girl, unknown girl, Constance Beatrice Barratt and Norman Wilfred Barratt.

Unfortunately I do not have the copies (which had names written on the back of them) so many of the young children are unknown to me.

The photo was taken in 1915 at Edward’s sister, Florence Mary Brittain’s house at 186 Stirling Street in Perth. Given the significance of the year (the same year World War I started) I can only assume that the photo was organised so there would be a photographic record of the family before the uncertainty of war was upon them. Four of the men in the photo (Charles Victor Barratt, Reginald Edward Barratt, George Herbert Barratt and Arthur Hanesworth Walton) enrolled in the Australian Military Forces during WWI. All of the men except Arthur (who was killed in action in France) eventually returned home.

They also took further photos…

Barratt Brothers

The Sons: Frederick Walter Bailey Barratt, Frank Arthur Barratt, George Herbert Barratt, Edward James Barratt and Albert William Barratt.

Barratt Siblings

The Siblings: Edward James Barratt, Albert William Barratt, Frederick Walter Bailey Barratt, George Herbert Barratt, Frank Arthur Barratt, Harriet May Schoolar (nee Barratt), Florence Mary Brittain (nee Barratt) and Edith Rose Walton (nee Barratt).

The world and their own worlds were on the brink of enormous change. With these photos they captured a generation of siblings and a generation of cousins. They also unknowingly captured a moment in time when their lives were still in innocence; untainted by the cruelty of war.

2 thoughts on “The Barratt Family in 1915

  1. Greg Scannell says:

    Hi, I just found your post on the Barratt family and the photos. Arthur Hanesworth Walton had a sister Gertrude who was principal of Methodist Ladies College in Claremont from 1913 to 1945. The family story is that his son Allan Hanesworth Walton was brought up by Gertrude after Arthur died in WWI. I would like to know what happend to Edith Rose Walton (nee Barratt) as this may help substantiate the story. Allan went on to marry my mother’s cousin
    Greg Scannell

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Greg,

      I’ve personally never heard of the story but there could be some truth to it. Edith worked as a nurse after the death of Arthur and was in Margaret River in 1925 and then Northam in 1931. There could be more information than this but I haven’t yet conducted a detailed search. In 1935 she married William Walker. He died in 1947 and Edith went on to live until 1964.

      Hope this helps!

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