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It’s nice to know that amidst my frustrations of wearing stockings (and having them ruin after only one wear) I’m not alone today nor in history. There are tons of articles available on Trove which were printed in various Australian newspapers throughout the years all giving hints, tricks and secrets for caring or repairing stockings (including a strange article which described London women plucking their own hair for use as a mending material). There’s also no end to product advertising (mostly for soap) with each one declaring that their product is by far the best for cleaning your stockings and preventing ladders. My favourites amongst these are the Lux ads.

"I could buy a fur coat with the money stockings cost me!"

"Hang it! Stockings to buy out of every pay!"

"Have you had many ladders lately?"

"Gosh, I hope Tom won't notice your terrible ladder."

"Not half as snappy as she used to be!"

"More stockings? You're downright extravagant!"

"My last good stockings and there goes a ladder!"

"Hang it! Now I'll have to miss lunches to buy more stockings."

I suppose I should however consider my situation a little more fortunate than the women of the past. Though I complain about stockings I’m not faced with a social expectation that they must be worn. If they annoy me I can simply choose to not wear them. As much as I love stockings, for that, I’m eternally grateful.


3 thoughts on “Lux Soap – Preventing Ladders

  1. Those were some awesome advertisements.

    1. Jess says:

      They certainly were! Thanks for reading and for your comment. 🙂

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