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In the past, when I searched for details relating to the death of a particular individual who lived and died in the UK, most of the time, I would not try to search for the place of their burial or cremation. I have no knowledge of England and have no knowledge of the names of the cemeteries where they could have been laid to rest. It was always far too confusing. That was until I found this site:

Though it’s still quite new, Deceased Online is making it possible for various burial and crematorium authorities to convert their records into a digital format and subsequently making them a part of the first central database of burial registers for the UK and Republic of Ireland.

It is free to search this database but if you’d like to view additional information you are able to sign up and purchase credits. Such information may include actual digitised images from burial registers.

To date, not every cemetery around the UK has uploaded their burial register information but this is currently being updated regularly. To view a list of the cemeteries currently on Deceased Online, click on their Database Coverage link on the homepage.

I’ve already spent a good deal of time searching through my tree and picking out those who were buried in England. The majority were not listed but I did manage to find several ancestors’ burial records in Cheshunt Cemetery. I also subsequently found several date of deaths which were previously unknown to me. Even though you may not have a lot of luck at the moment, please keep this website in mind for the future. I have a feeling it will be an invaluable resource.

Happy searching!

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