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I don’t often visit Fremantle but when I do I’m almost always completely blown away by the beautiful heritage buildings.  It also usually takes all of my willpower (or someone else’s strong objections) to prevent me from visiting the many museums and places of learning.  Dinner with friends was no exception and I managed to convince them into wandering around the streets so I could take some photos of Fremantle all for the purpose of a blog post.











I’m sure they didn’t mind too much and in my opinion, it certainly was a fantastic way to end the night and a perfect way to walk off dinner.

3 thoughts on “Historic Fremantle

  1. njsresearch6 says:

    I wish I was more interested then. For a while I boarded in East Fremantle in 1969 when I played for South Fremantle. While young and not much of a drinker, I loved the Sail and Anchor Hotel close by to Fremantle Oval before its fantastic renovations ahead of the America’s Cup. My interests then were not in family history but I often walked around the wharves photographing all the shipping in the harbour. I now know that I have actually have many more more connections with fremantle.

    1. Jess says:

      Thanks for sharing your story Neville! It really is the most wonderful place to explore. I still regularly wander round looking up at everything and dragging people to the Round House. Hehe 😊

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