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A very large chunk of the information I find on my ancestors is often obtained from the online collection of Australian newspapers on Trove.  Though the majority of articles are usually birth, death or marriage notices, occasionally I come across a rare gem of an article such as the one below.

Article (2)

Before immediately proclaiming the Mrs Arthur Harwood in the article to be my Great Grandmother, I first decided to analyse all the facts:

  1. Mary Elizabeth Theakston married Arthur Harold Harwood and so would be known as Mrs Arthur Harwood.
  2. The Harwood family lived on Hay Street.
  3. Mary and Arthur had a son named Dennis.
  4. Mary and Arthur had a Grandson named Dennis Harwood who was born in 1951 and would’ve been about two at the time.

The final clincher and the bit that truly convinced me was the very last line in the article where Mrs Harwood states that her daughter was married on the 13th.  On a hunch, I headed straight to my Nan’s profile on and looked up the date she and my Pop were married.  There it was, the final piece that assured me that this article was indeed about my family; they were married on the 13th October 1950.

It’s an article that I will forever cherish as a favourite.  Not only is there a rare photograph of the house that my Great Grandparents lived in and that today no longer stands, it also provides a glimpse into the mind of my Great Grandmother, Mary and shows that perhaps she was a little superstitious.


5 thoughts on “Lucky Number 13

  1. foodlibertine says:

    Wow what a gem of an article! Do you think superstition has been passed down in your family?

    1. Jess says:

      Thanks! I was over the moon when I found it. I guess it has been passed down through the family. Just thinking about it, we’ve always said things like “touch wood” and we’ve made sure we don’t walk under ladders or open umbrellas inside. lol

  2. Hi Jess, Oh lucky you what a find. We family researchers are safe joining a forum or such – that way our families don’t fall asleep! AND since my fb pages revolve around fam research and genealogy AND dogs esp. the Lhasa Apsos, I was interested to see the little boy’s doggie – Is he holding a Welsh Corgi Pembroke? Looks like one. cheers

    1. Jess says:

      Hi Sonya,

      Thanks for reading and thanks for commenting! The article certainly is one in a million and I’m sure (being a fellow family researcher) you can imagine my excitement at finding it. I’m not too sure as to the breed of the dog but nevertheless, it’s rather cute. 🙂

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