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We’re happy little vegemites as bright as bright can be.  We all enjoy our vegemite for breakfast, lunch and tea.  Our mummies say we’re growing stronger every single week because we love our vegemite, we all adore our vegemite, it puts a rose in every cheek!

This has got to be one of the most recognised advertising jingles ever created.  For Australians anyway.  Honestly, I haven’t thought about it in years but low and behold, when I want to remember it, the words are still there.  Originating in the 1950s and then later shown again in the 80s, many Australians grew up knowing that the only thing that would put a rose in your cheek, is vegemite.  Vegemite, however, had long been on the shelves before this little ditty was thought up.  Check out some of their earlier advertisements:

1925 - "Throw away the medicine bottle and replace it with a jar of vegemite."

1932 - "It's health-giving qualities recommend vegemite to wise mothers."

1940 - "Drink vegemite mixed with milk everyday!"

1942 - "Yes - Betty's handing her vegemite to the troops."

1944 - "For those who need vegemite medicinally."

1945 - "Where's all the vegemite going?"

1952 - "Make up those lost vitamins with vegemite!"

It’s interesting to read all the suggested uses for vegemite, especially the milk ones.  I love vegemite on toast, in a sandwich or on crackers but the idea of mixing it with milk totally puts me off.  Who am I to judge though?  I’ve personally never tried it and for all I know, it might be quite tasty.

The other thing I found curious was the wartime advertising.  I have to admit, my initial reaction was scepticism.  Seriously though, visiting the doctor for a prescription for vegemite sounded a little far fetched.  However, after having a quick search, I was very surprised to find out that it’s true!  Vegemite was rationed to the public because it was sent to the troops and civilians were asked to go without vegemite unless they needed it medicinally.  I guess it goes to show that you really do learn something new everyday.

These are only a handful of ads found on the Trove Newspapers website but if you would like to see some more, please visit the vegemite website: and click on their ‘Heritage’ link.


3 thoughts on “Vegemite Advertising

  1. Chris says:

    vegemite and honey!! 😀 yum!

    1. Jess says:

      I don’t think I was ever much of a fan of that one either. Perhaps I need to be more adventurous with my vegemite. 😛

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