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A quick update…

The National Library of Australia‘s Australian Newspapers website has moved and is now a part of the National Library of Australia’s Trove website (

Trove's Homepage

A user is able to conduct a search on Trove which will bring forth results from various resources including:

  • Books, journals, magazines and articles
  • Pictures and photos
  • Digitised newspapers
  • Diaries, letters and archives
  • Maps
  • Music, sound and video
  • Archived websites
  • People and organisations

Search results can be further limited to a particular resource by clicking on the respective tab or by refining your results (e.g. format, availability or decade) on the left hand side.

Utilising information from various sources such as Australian Libraries, Music Australia, The Picture Australia Program and Australian Research Online means that in one search you will have access to a wide variety information from around the country.  I’ve already used it a few times and it’s made searching so much easier!  Instead of visiting several sites, I now only need to visit Trove where a wealth of information is right at my fingertips.

Happy searching!

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