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One woman's obsession with family history.

Uggghhhh.  The groan of frustration stemming from new information obtained from the State Records Office which ultimately led to more questions than answers.  I can’t really complain about the overall visit though.  Generally, it was a roaring success.  I found most of the Probate and Administration records I was after and left with many electronic copies of death certificates, Wills and other documents such as a Valuer’s Report which describes in detail the land that my Great x 3 Grandfather, James Enoch Barratt owned in Osborne Park.  It’s these sort of documents that I love.

But back to the original gripe.  A while ago I wrote the post “Are We Related?” which (in a condensed form) was me trying to figure out the mystery on my mum’s side in relation to my Great Grandmother, Mary Elizabeth Theakston.  My Uncle described it as a mystery and mentioned something about a discrepancy with a name.  I think I finally understand what he’s talking about.  For the longest time I always thought Mary’s mother was Edith Alice Maud Theakston.  I mean, that’s what it says on her birth certificate, so why wouldn’t it be?  Then yesterday I had the privilege to look at Edith’s original Administration documents and in particular her death certificate which lists the children of the deceased.  I came to this section and couldn’t believe my eyes.  The name of her daughter was listed as Elizabeth Veronica.

What the hell?  I have no answers for this.  Only questions.  Lots and lots of questions.  Was Mary’s name changed to try and cover up the fact that she was  born out of wedlock?  Is Edith even Mary’s mother?  Was Mary adopted?  If this was the case, who were Mary’s birth parents?  Uggghhh.  In any case, amidst all these questions, there is the underlying feeling that there is some sort of secret, some sort of cover up that went on.  I’ve just got to figure out what it was.

So what do I do?  I’ll keep searching through the records.  I’ll keep searching through newspapers.  I’ll contact my family and see what they know and I’ll especially try and find a way to get in contact with Mary’s remaining children (especially her eldest daughter, Ailsa).  Perhaps they’ll know something.  Perhaps their mother discussed her past.  There’s lots of uncertainty and it could all lead to nothing…but what have I got to lose.

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