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The front of Government House.

Government House generally opens its doors to the public several times throughout the year.  For quite a while I have been dying to pay a visit to the house on one of these open days but every time, without fail, I forget to check the date and miss it!  In spite of all these failed attempts this time I managed to pay regular attention to their website ( and finally paid a visit to one of my favourite historical places in Western Australia.

The first Government House was located just inside the main entrance of the grounds and was completed in 1835.  It became the official residence of the Governor of Western Australia.  Despite having many defects from the beginning, this house was lived in by many Governors until 1855.  It was at this time when a report was made stating that the building was so unsound that it would be easier to build a new house rather than make repairs to the existing one.  The foundation stone for the new building and the present day Government House was laid on 17 March 1859.  Work was completed in 1864 and the Old Government House was eventually demolished in the 1880s.

This second house is the house we see today and though it has undergone many conservation works and changes throughout the years it has essentially remained the same.  Situated on St Georges Terrace and surrounded by stunning heritage listed gardens, it is a step away from the hectic pace of the city and a perfect place for history nuts (such as myself) to visit.

Inside the House

The Dining Room

Music Room

Drawing Room

Morning Room

Hall and staircase leading to the second floor.

The Gardens

The Pond

Lawn Area

View of the Garden Party Lawn (with bouncy castle).

View of the South Terrace from the Rose Parterre garden.

Limestone wall and decorative urn.

Ballroom windows from the gardens.

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