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Searching through old family photo albums is not the only possible source to yield photographic results (though it generally is the best one).  Yesterday, while searching for historical photos in the State Library of Western Australia’s catalogue, I decided on a whim to enter ‘Barratt’ into the search engine.  Much to my surprise up popped the above photo of a lady who looked an awful lot like my Great x 3 Grandmother, Frances Elizabeth Barratt (nee Digby).

Though she looked very similar to the photos I have, the information listed was a little different to the information I knew.  It was time to put on my detective hat.  The photo is described as ‘Elizabeth Barratt’ and the date stated is circa 1910.  Frances Elizabeth died in 1891.  Unsure, I clicked on my photo and then clicked on SLWA’s photo.  I continued to click back and forth.  There was no mistaking the similarities.  I asked my brother’s opinion and he believed they were the same person.  Feeling more and more confident, it was then that I happened to read the summary: “Written on negative: Mrs G P Schoolar.”  That was all the confirmation I needed.  Mrs G P Schoolar was Frances Elizabeth’s daughter, Harriet May Barratt.  The photo I’d stumbled across was definitely a photo of my Great x 3 Grandmother, Frances Elizabeth Barratt.

Though I can’t guarantee you’ll have similar luck, it’s certainly worth a quick visit to the State Library of Western Australia’s website ( to search their photographic collection.  Even if you don’t find any family related photos you can always spend some time searching for old photos of Perth and (if you’re like me) getting lost in the history.

Photo courtesy of the State Library of Western Australia’s photographic collection (call number: 104092PD).

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