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Kings Park has long held a tender spot in the hearts of all Western Australians.  My original intention was simply to come for a picnic but after some thought, I decided that it would be a good opportunity to kill two birds with one stone and also turn the outing into an historical places post.  

Its history dates back thousands of years to the days before settlement when Aboriginal people would visit for cultural and ceremonial purposes.  The first settlers arrived in 1829 and two years later Governor James Stirling and Surveyor John Septimus Roe decided to set the area aside for public purposes.  It wasn’t until 1872 that it officially became gazetted as a public park.  

Since these early days many changes have occurred and throughout the years thousands of people have visited the grounds either to have a picnic, exercise, take in the views or to pay their respects at the War Memorial.  


The Swan Brewery

The War Memorial

It is a place to learn about Australian plant life and to pay homage to our beautiful environment.  


Purple Wildflowers

Kangaroo Paw

Boab Tree

There are several different areas and all are absolutely stunning.  The grounds are maintained with the greatest precision and everywhere you turn you are greeted with beauty. 

Palm Trees


Pond and Gazebo

Flower Lined Path


We’d picked the most glorious day and time to visit the Park.  Being the end of August and subsequently the end of winter, the weather was becoming warmer but was still tempered with a cool breeze.  Spring is well on its way.  The wildflowers are blooming in time for the Kings Park Festival and I felt quite pleased that we had a chance to admire them before the heavy crowds descended.  Despite this I probably will visit the park during the upcoming festival.  The stunning flower beds have inspired me and I would love to create a garden bed full of Australian native flowers.

Historical information obtained from the Botanic Gardens and Parks Authority website (

2 thoughts on “Kings Park

  1. Wooh wildflowers!! I’m thinking of doing the drive into the country this year. But that’s what I said last year.

    Hey is it almost time for Araluen? (wooh picnic)


  2. Jess says:

    They were so beautiful! I’m definitely going back over the long weekend to buy some. 🙂

    I think it must be nearly time for tulip season…I’ll double check though. A picnic at Araluen sounds like a wonderful idea to me!

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