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“Visit York” has been on my To Do List for a very long time and in all honesty I don’t know why I left it so long.  With the journey only taking us about an hour I can’t offer any other reason for the delay except laziness.  Better late than never, I did finally make it and managed to accomplish all that I planned to do.

We started with York Cemetery and began with wandering around the historic section looking at the various headstones.  Finishing earlier than expected we decided on a whim to drive up to the nearby Mount Brown Lookout.  I’m so glad we did.  Standing at the top, we looked out across the town and the countryside.  I was completely blown away by the beauty of the area and the spectacular views from Mount Brown.

The town from Mount Brown Lookout.

The Countryside

Another view of the countryside.

With lunch time steadily approaching we listened to our stomachs and decided to head back into the town.  Before finding a picnic spot we paid a quick visit to the Swing Bridge and I found another opportunitiy to take some photos, this time of the stunning river views.

Bridge across the Avon River.

Avon River

Once we’d finished eating our lunch, it was off to Avon Terrace in the heart of the town to walk around and admire the historic buildings. 

York Town Hall

St Patrick's Convent School

St Patrick's Church

Fire Station

Constantly walking around, admiring and absorbing our surroundings eventually took its toll.  I was utterly exhausted!  We stopped for a quick devonshire tea at a local cafe (delicious except for the severe lacking of cream) and then decided that it was time to leave the historic town of York and head back home.

For more information on the town of York please visit this website:

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