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Anticipation – Wednesday, 30 June 2010

After receiving an email from my Pop’s brother filled with new clues concerning the elusive Nicholson branch (read post here), it was with much reluctance that I told myself that I could not dash off to the State Library and start searching straight away.

With the email being received only a few days before my scheduled departure to Victoria, I figured that a quick trip to the library would not be a good idea (especially since I hadn’t packed yet).  So, I regretfully pushed my family history information to the back of my mind and reminded myself that patience is indeed a virture.

I am now back in Western Australia and completely refreshed.  It is with the greatest of anticipation that I count down the hours until the end of the working day, for at the end, I shall be able to fulfil those desires which were begrudgingly forced into temporary retirement.  Tonight I will be visiting the State Library and tonight I will be holding tight to the hope that there will be success.


Well, as is often the case with this type of research my results weren’t what I hoped for.  I found some birth information for a couple of sons but other than that I could hardly find any Victorian records.  Coupled with some frustrating news outside the realm of family history, my mind wandered and I realised that I had no chance in bringing it back.  I left the library early feeling pretty disappointed.

Never mind.  As I’ve said previously, sometimes results just happen and sometimes a brick wall forever stands in front of you.  Hopefully I can get to the cemetery soon and find some clues on gravestones otherwise if there’s nothing in Karrakatta then I’ll have to think of other ways of finding the information.

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